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Learn the Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Forms

Learn how to embody the grace and confidence of the ancient Tai Chi masters who learned the secret of balancing yin and yang – strength with beauty, power with peace, endurance with flow.

Tai Chi Transformation Program Application

What To Expect From The Online Sessions

This is what you will be getting when you attend the online session.

Experienced Teacher

With years of experience and countless hours of training, you'll always be in good hands.

Mindfulness Practice

Learn mindfulness techniques to help you progress with tai chi and with life.

Health Improvement

Continued practice can lead to numerous health benefits including improved heart rate, blood pressure, strength, flexibility, balance and overall mind-body health.

Choose Your Style...

Yang Style 8 Movement Form 

This practice helps us get into a deep state of relaxation while embodying the principles of Tai Chi. 

Great for Beginners or for those wanting to learn a short routine that to practice anytime, anywhere!


Yang Style 16 Movement Form 

This form is also an abbreviated form of the Yang style long form.  It helps to learn the principles and movements of Yang style in a shorter sequence.  

Yang Style 24 Movement Form

Also known as the Beijing or Peking Form, this practice was designed to be taught to the masses based on the shorter, more simplified movementsThis is the most popular Tai Chi form in the world and is practiced by more people than any other Tai Chi form.  

Tee B.

New York

"Adam's gentle tai chi lessons helped me to stick to a daily exercise routine and his group support meetings have lifted my spirits, keeping me motivated. I highly recommend Dr. Potts!

Dolly M.

North Carolina

"Adam's lessons are easy to follow. It helps to build balance and strength. It also helps to reduce stress."

Peter K.

North Carolina

"Adam's lessons have made a difference for me. Balance is a big problem for older people like me, and I have felt more confident on my feet since taking the lessons. Adam’s class is great. He’s a good teacher and a kind soul."

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